Ashley Tisdale appeared on ‘Extra!‘ today at The Grove. WENN, INF.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a duck. I’m afraid that she’ll be one of those women who you KNOW have a a lot of plastic surgery.

  • Anonymous

    very sexy

  • Anonymous

    funny icon

  • nigrilaforever

    Looking good on every pics. Great photoset, I like it (and her of couz)

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  • Anonymous

    are they finished to film the season 1 of hellcats already?

  • Anonymous

    I love her! she is so pretty! and i really love the way she dress

  • oceanUP

    It is so sad how dead this post is right now, lmao.

    I know, people really into the Demi post!

  • PixiePerfect

    she is so gorgeous

  • mctiqueen

    It is so sad how dead this post is right now, lmao.

  • VioletHan


    Ashley’s such a beauty ! <3

  • pwoper

    Fug outfit, but she looks pretty.

  • mctiqueen

    First?! And her face aha

  • Anonymous

    so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    hola hola ???

  • whatthefudge

    I love her and she’s so good in hellcats. Her and dan look good together :)

  • VIVA glam

    I like her outfit minus the sleepwear looking shorts.

  • mctiqueen

    I think Ashley Tisdale seems pretty cool..

  • summersnothotx

    I love Ashley. So excited to see #Hellcats return.

  • maybelove

    shes pretty