Justin Bieber Discussed @ NRJ Awards

  • XD

    LOL I only watched NRJ for Mozart L’opera Rock, those guys are amazing ;)

  • Nana_Jonas

    Those guys are awesome! I watched this song on TV and when they started to speak about him it was the best part during the show!
    They only said the truth! Bieber fans will cry or something but many french people or other are thinking about everything that Kev’ said Saturday!

  • Sandra

    Kev Adams is the BEST!!!

  • whatthefudge

    It wasn’t that funny but i did understand some of what he was saying. This is what Canada does to you.

  • Anonymous

    Easy Jokes. Where did they get these? On Facebook?

    I’m not a Bieber fan but I think everybody should stop talking about him. Haters talk more about him than his fans do. And they’re all like “I’m sick of seeing this bieber kid everywhere!”. SO WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HIM? lol

  • Doudou__xoxo

    Proud to be a french ! J’aime Kev’Adams <3

  • Anonymous

    by the way guys, these two guys are french HUMORISTS..
    just pointing that out ;)

  • Anonymous

    I saw it. They were kidding nothing more.

  • Manwnn

    Hahahahahaha Kev Adams is the best :D

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha the Santa Claus thing was great.

  • Ashleyy.

    Ohmygod I freakin’ love the French.

  • MistressJonas


  • Anonymous

    Ok so before you all post mean comments about these guys, think about it:
    THEY ARE KIDDING so don’t be crazy Bieber fans =)

    I LOve Kev’ Adams <3

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh another lame joke about how Justin is 5 years old. How original.

  • Anonymous

    No one cares. He sucks like his fans.