David Archuleta SISTERS

Sorry for my appearance but wanted to get a video blog before I went on getting ready for the day and the activities that await the rest of today haha. Just wanted to talk about my sisters and spending time with family. Want to challenge you

guys to spend time with you sisters or brothers sometime this week, and/ or talk to or hang with your cousins. Try to get some exercise in too! Won’t be on twitter for a while over the next week or so but I will try and update you guys when I’m back.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I love him, he is the only celebrity that is THIS nice like I don’t think I’ve ever found someone so nice like him

    and he looks hot in this video

  • Anonymous

    dave give back the rose

  • Anonymous

    Hes cute :)

  • Mrs.DavidArchuleta


  • Justinsuglyglasses

    In the history of vlogs, has anyone ever done one right after they have exercised and are out of breath? That is why David rules. He doesn’t give a sh*t. Lol.