• loveke$ha

    i fucking love her. fuck you haters. she doesn’t give a dip shit about y’alls opinion. love that bitch!

  • PJ

    LOL! Luv it! Super funny!

  • loveke$ha

    fucking disney fans, get off this fucking post bitches.

  • Anonymous

    That was pathetic..

  • taylorllama

    haha that was funny and good.

  • Anonymous


  • Alex

    why is she so trashy.

  • Anonymous

    uhm…. wtf?

  • twycgnb

    shes fucking annoying.

  • Anonymous

    she SOO would :P

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was hilarious and the song is really catchy. But, Disney should do something about that cause it is titled Disney and it makes Disney look bad.

  • Anonymous

    Lol my friend just showed me that earlier today. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me. This chick is crusty.

  • Anonymous

    Better than most of her songs.
    Suck it, bitch.

  • Anonymous

    That wasn’t funny…

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think that was funny at all… And the ending.. wow.

  • loveke$ha

    oh yeah, you try doing one let’s seee how fucking funny you are.

  • Anonymous


  • Lupo

    Diddy dipped his ball in that

  • Fanny’


  • Anonymous

    not funny.

  • milenator

    Oh lord ‘Disney’ I know this is FunnyorDie but couldnt Disney sue for copyright? cause they titled it ‘Walt Disney’ O_O

    I like her songs their fun and nice to dance to and she seems funny but she really is a slut (anyone seen her leaked private photos O.O) and WOW the end of the video guess she really TRASHAY lmao

  • Kathy7


  • pocketfullofdreams

    Woah she can actually kind of sing.
    And is it just me or does she look
    alot like Ashley Tisdale?

  • Anonymous

    Yup, I thought the same thing to myself…

  • crazylady

    Woah she can actually kind of sing.
    And is it just me or does she look alot like Ashley Tisdale?

    think it’s just you. if she looked a lot like Ash I would be turned on.

  • melissa

    first !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yeah not funny

  • Anonymous

    That wasn’t even funny. -____-

  • Anonymous48

    i fucking love her!!

  • Anonymous

    She looked really pretty before the racoon scratched her o_O. Love Ke$ha!