Zachary Porter Got Bit By The Dance Dug

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA. i love him… the guy in the red looks a liiiitle confused…

  • Anonymous


  • RaindropsOnRoses

    Fuck I love him :)

  • Adublovexo

    Hahah!! I love Zach, He’s such a dork. Thats why I love him. :D :D

  • ADUBLove

    hahaha the guy in the red it just like uhmm ok tryin to avoid him. hahah i love zach and his awkward dancing :)

  • Anonymous


  • a-dubbbb

    umm zach porter duhh!

  • Anonymous

    he’s da best.

  • Anonymous

    those are some pretty awesome moves he’s got going on there haha.
    gotta love Zach & ASW! :D

  • emily

    hes so cute <3