McFly THAT’S THE TRUTH Music Video

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like to see them in this kind of site!

  • MusicInMyAss

    McFLY is totally awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    yayy mcfly on oceanup! join supercity everyone!

  • Anonymous


  • nickjonasishotbitchez

    DOUGIE<333 me and my friend r kinda n love w/ them.. LOVEEEEEEEEEE THHEMMM. so sososososososo happy theyre finally coming into the US. miss their older sound tho:(

  • Niky

    McFly!! <3

  • Sahina


  • yourdamnregret

    no oceanup leave mcfly in the uk!!!! they’re too awesome to be here

  • Anonymous

    Wtf They are too good for this website.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, I freakin’ love Dougie. I think this is one of their better videos.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE McFly. They need to be bigger in the States.

  • LauraMCFLY

    I went to their concert 2 days ago and it was AWESOME!!
    They also played this song and it sounds amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    wtf oceanup with McFly? LEAVE THEM ALONEEEE!!
    McFly <3

  • Anonymous

    …ok wtf is this poppy shit? their older sound = <3 ! this was just.. D:

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THEM but also miss their old sound

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I just love them .. they don’t deserve to be in this site

  • Anonymous

    I miss their older sound.

  • GabriellaS

    I never knew Mcfly had cracked the US?!

  • Anonymous


  • Louise


  • Anonymous

    PERFECT, beutiful.. Well is McFly

  • Anonymous

    McFly <3
    this video is about Frankie, Dougie’s ex. :(

  • Carys

    Mcfly <3

  • Kristeels

    Dougie <3
    Went to their concert last night
    and it was amazing! I still can’t believe
    I saw them live last night! I was so close :)