Michael & Marisa THE SAME Anti-Bullying

  • Anonymous

    check this out, it’s better with the same message.

  • LBV

    who the hell are michael and marisa?? lmao
    and the song is alright, but the message is true
    I wish bullying didn’t exist, one of my friends nearly kill herself when she was just 9 because of bullying :/

  • jonas.all.dai

    AWHHHH CUTE lol great message. those kids were rockin some ferice ass outfits…

  • Anonymous

    they have talent ,was sweet =)

  • HazelEyes

    Cute (:
    Micheal and Marrisa the name reminds me of Matt and Kim <3 Just cause the girl plays drums haha

  • BrittBrat500

    Its a nice song, and I see potential ih these 2

  • Anonymous

    nice song! :)

  • Anonymous

    check out radio silence nyc, there song renegade is about bullying!

  • vonvonbon

    awww that was cute :)

  • vonvonbon

    cool song