• Anonymous

    i want to see this so badd! it made me cry!

  • Anonymous

    I love her since I saw her in Winn dixie and then in the bridge to terabithia… OH GOD HOW MUCH I CRIED, I REMEMBER I WAS STILL CRYING LIKE 5 MINUTES AFTER THE MOVIE ENDS! well… Really good actress! GOGOGO AnnaSophiaRobb!

  • hotlikefireworks

    This trailer gave me flipping goosebumps.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to see this movie… seems to be awesome!

  • Fanny

    Aahh I cant wait to see this movie!
    Oh.. & I love Carrie Underwood’s eyes *-*

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t someone say Jamie Lynn Spears was supposed to have this party years ago?
    Anna Sophia Robb is sooo much better and so much more suited for this!!!

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY want to know how they hid her arm…

  • Sparklesxx

    Wasn’t this movie supposed to come out, like, in 2006?

    Oh well, can’t WAIT for it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I saw the article in Reader’s Digest. And now it became a movie. Awesome! I wanna see this

  • LBV

    I wanna see this film
    and when it said never said never, Justin Bieber and his song came to my mind and I started singing lol

  • kaygirl

    HEY my friend (who used to professionally model & act) auditioned for this movie! As bethany i think(:

  • karishy

    now i definitely wanna see this!!

  • Michizzle

    Actually can’t wait to see this movie..even the trailer made me cry..? :o

  • steph

    Cant wait to see it! it looks amazing!! :D

    btw I thought Jeremy Sumpter was gonna be in this movie :o
    I’m guessing his role is not gonna a main one like I thought it was =s

  • Anonymous

    That give me chillssss. I really want to see it.

  • Anonymous

    wow I was just searching for her pictures randomly yesterday
    she’s damn pretty :) and a decent actress

  • taylorllama

    i want to see that.

  • misscherie13

    can’t wait! AnnaSophia is one of my fav actresses!! :) :)

  • Mrs.WillDarcy

    CARRIE! It looks like she can act fairly well :)

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait =) just the trailer almost make cry

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    I wanna see this :)

  • Anonymous

    MUCH better than the last trailer. This movie looks so good!

  • Mahima

    Its Denis Quaid!

    <3 carrie.