Drew Corbin Lucas Meet Michael Jackson

  • Anonymous

    now that’s epic :O
    lucky bitches

  • Anonymous

    Rest in peace M.J ..

  • Anonymous


  • Mal

    Corbins reaction is so cute.

  • AnonymousEeE

    I miss the HSM days and when MJ was alive…and Bieber was nowhere to be found besides youtube…good times

  • Mal


  • twycgnb


  • TheOne

    LMAO . lucky!
    yo Corbin was tripin out! lol :P
    i probably would be too if i just met MJ.

  • wavy

    corbin was freaking out lol..thats a huge thing..to say ive met mj

  • Anonymous

    Aww back in 2006 :( the good ol’ HSM days