Miranda Cosgrove’s Cancer Patient Visit

  • Anonymous

    hahaah she always needs back up singers because she cant sing on her own. but thats nice of her anyways i bet she made that little girl real hapy

  • Anonymous

    that was so beautiful! and miranda actually can sing woooot!

  • girlie :)

    okay i love miranda and i think that it’s really nice that she visited a cancer patient she’s a wonderful person. awesome job miranda. luv ya!!!

  • Anonymous

    sweet! didn’t watch the video, but good for miranda!!! :)

  • KristinaMarie559

    Post the Miley video from the SU party please. I cant go to youtube at school but I can watch them if they are posted on other sites

  • Anonymous

    aww, so sweet!

  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    thats cute! Miranda seems like a real sweet girl!

  • _liesyoutold

    Didn’t watch the video but awh :)

  • Anonymous

    Awww, that was so sweet.
    I can’t watch the video, don’t know why u.u

  • Anonymous

    This is beautiful. God bless that family. Great job Miranda!! :)