Ashley Argota Birthday Party Photos Inside


Ashley’s Argota‘s 18th Birthday Party was held on Saturday at The W Hotel in Hollywood. In lieu of gifts Ashley asked birthday wishers to donate to Starlight Children’s Foundation of which she is an Ambassador for.

Ashley also invited 3 of the kids from Starlight to attend the party. The girl in the wheelchair is Brittany from Starlight and a very special young lady that Ashley has grown especially fond of.

  • Anonymous

    she looks pretty
    but both her and selena Shape of their noses are not good for them like selena nose is big and hers is small it dosent go with there looks

    but there still beautiful and no one is perfect

  • purplekoolaid

    she seems like a nice girl! donating to charity instead being greedy, and also inviting these children to her party.

    i honestly dont know who ashley aragota is lol, cause i dont watch nickelodeon but she seems awesome and i wish more celebs would act this way