Cymphonique Daddy I’m A Rockstar Video

  • krissay

    She is just a plain copy of Willow Smith you know? and is this what they call music?

  • Anonymous

    since when does oceanup post shit like this?

  • Hey_00

    and total whip my hair gross copy!

  • rae

    no wonder we never heard of her

  • haylee

    about to go ra ra?

  • popculturegirl

    First of all, you dumbasses, didn’t Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers have the whole “rockstar” gimmick? And was their music actually rock? No it’s a combination of pop and rock like Cymphonique’s song.

    Racist tight wads.

  • Krisi

    hey now haters be nice. i loved it. there’s nothign wrong with mixing two genres of music…that’s kinda the point…anyway. i’m sure all the familiar things we saw in the video was a homage to everyone she admires as an artist and resemble her image after. she’s pretty and awesome…pretty awesome. i think she has a serious chance…it was catchy, something you’d find yourself singing in the shower by accident. her style is SO out its in…i don’t know about you or how old you are or whatever but some of the girls at my school dress like that proudly. and dispite what the average person may believe, they don’t look like hideous idiots. anyway, i think she has a chance…a real one if she could get some supporters…so all those beliebers out there…or ex jonas fans…she’s lookin for SOMEBODY TO LOVE her…

  • Anonymous

    this is like the video of willow smith !!

  • ADUBLove

    for having a family who has so much money this is one cheap ass video. and the choris is whiny and annoying. other than that the songs not bad

  • Anonymous

    what the hell? ROCK should not even be a part of that song. god todays dumbass music industry

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    whip my hair much? anyway, that video and song is horrible to me.

  • Anonymous


  • addy


  • beccaroo

    ew…what is this?

  • MuffinsAreEvil

    At least she’s wearing a Rolling Stones shirt…

  • Anonymous

    shes the worst!!

  • Anonymous

    how old is she?40?

  • Anonymous

    Wtf? Rap & Hip Hop has NOTHING to do with rock. I bet this girl doesn’t even listen to anything remotely similar to real rock music.