Skins’ Danny Flaherty Out In TriBeCa


MTV’s Skins star Danny Flaherty braved the cold while hanging out with

friends in TriBeCa, New York City on Tuesday evening. Photos: INF.

  • Anonymous

    Skins UK version owns mtv version…so much.

  • Trenton.

    OMFG; I love Skins Us!
    Please give it it’s own section.<3
    When it gets more stuff going on about it and shiz though :3

  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    I really love this show. Its quite addicting.

  • Rafaela

    Guys stop being mean to him, he is not even famous yet and you guys are already mean :/ imagine when he get famous…poor guy :(

  • AVPM

    Yeah, i miss the british accents :/
    I still wonder what happened with the original characters. They should make a movie about what happens after season 2.

    The american one is okay. I miss Cassie and Maxxie though. I wonder who’s going to be Tea’s creepy stalkerxD

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if he’s ugly? Bitch. He’s great in Skins. I love that show.

  • Anonymous

    He’s soo cute ! I lovee Skins and him!<3

  • Anonymous

    i know him

  • Anonymous

    The acting and writing in MTV Skins is awful.

  • Anonymous

    @rafaela wtf nobody’s said one mean thing about him…

  • Anonymous


  • Bri

    I <3 Skins!

  • ADUBLove

    i actually like the show especially last weeks episode. and yeah tony on the uk version is like a friggin sex god haha . “stanley” is kinda cute on tv but these pics dont do him justice

  • AVPM

    This guy is kind of cute. But, the tony in the uk is ten times hotter :p

    The MTV version of skins SUCKS BALLS. Has anyone here even bothered to watch the original? Once you watch the UK version you will not like the MTV one as much or even at all.

    If you want to understand the show better and the characters watch the UK version. Trust me. You will love it. OH! Cassie+Syd forever :)

  • Anonymous

    can’t believe they replaced maxxie. but i like tea tho. she’s hot.

  • Anonymousness

    i like him. :P
    and surprisingly I like the show.
    who’s seen it?

  • BirthdayCake

    I actually really love Skins. I thought I’d hate it but I can’t help but like it. It has suprisingly good acting for having open casting and a bunch of young normal kids. I think it’s well written. It is pretty similar to teen life just a bit over exaggerated. And the “good kid” who doesn’t party and have casual sex and all that is unrepresented. But it’s still really good.

  • Anonymous

    “Stanley” lmao. Why did they have to change the character’s names?
    Syd and Cassie forever<3
    Still a fan of both UK and MTV version though :).

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if mtv version will be the same but ‘Daisy’ will get knocked up with Chris’ kid.

    Oh and Chris also dies.

  • Anonymous

    its horrible.

  • Anonymous

    Tony gets hit by a bus. ‘Daisy’ gets an abortion.

  • Anonymous

    who’s this ugly thing ? he’s even uglier than robert grint or whatever his last name is

  • Anonymous

    tony has sex with his sister when she is passed out at a rave

  • DropTheWorldx

    Skins for the US won’t be the same as the UK one. They said it several times, there will be certain elements that’ll be similar. On the other hand, love this guy. :D