Victoria Justice GORGEOUS Photo Shoot


Via @VictoriaJustice.

  • Anonymous

    why is victoria so unpopular over here? she’s so stunning and has a unique beauty.

  • Anonymous

    er bruv. hes excited with his life.

  • Anonymous

    when was this photoshoot? victoria looks so gorgeous in the pic with the light bulbs

  • Anonymous


  • JoeHoe15

    pretty Victoria.. ^^

  • Anonymous

    Avan looks like a Johnny Depp that got ran over by 10 trucks

  • Anonymous

    She’s overrated.

    stfu you idiot. how can victoria be overrated when she only has 18 comment as opposed to 10000 like selena or miley? those two are overrated. selena’s not even that hot like victoria, she can’t sing, and miley is ugly and can’t act OR sing.

  • Anonymous

    avan :)

  • partyindabaham

    She’s overrated.

  • Mr. B is great

    Gosh, you all are honestly a bunch of idiots! Victoria, Selena, and Miley all have their own shows so ya they are a little overated, but they are all good (exept Miley). The reason there are so few comments are because how many people actually know about this sight? That and we are all a bunch of fags for judging perfectly good (and hot) celeberties

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  • Anonymous

    I agree. SHe is hot, sexy, and not a slut like Miley, so why is she judged so harsh here? WHY!? >Victoria

  • irishjdf

    Avan is looking a bit like he is joining that group Information Society. !

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does Avon look like a fagot? Mabey a queer. Gosh, his face just makes me mad for some reason!

  • Jamesbrown


  • _liesyoutold


  • peacelovehearts


  • sophieeee

    is that Avan? O_o
    he looks…

  • CupcakezLover

    Uhhh…Avan?? o_0 No comment.

  • Anonymous

    she is beautiful without make up and photoshoot :)

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    she’s sooo gorgeous. and i love how she put a natural profile pic on twitter, no makeup and stuff.

  • Alexa

    Hey check out my YouTube channel please?

  • Anonymous

    hahaha avan look like a grandma

  • perfectdamnworld

    i totally loved the photo