Win A Date With Allstar Weekend!

  • Anonymous
  • girlie :)

    okay sorry but no one likes allstar weekend it’s like a gay rip off version of vampire weekend.the truth hurts. lol

  • Gabby

    Can we like this post? Best ou post in ou history.

  • Yomama

    Alright Girlie, let me put it down like this… You’re funny. No one? Really? If thats the case, there must be like 800,000+ “no ones” that like them. Get your facts straight before making such a statement. Also, Vampire Weekend is on a whole different genre than Allstar Weekend. The only thing they have in common is the “Weekend” in their names. Know your music better. Allstar Weekend is Pop Rock, Vampire Weekend is Indie Rock. You know nothing about music, its quite apparent. Truth hurts. lol :) Stupid bitch.

  • paulamr

    Could be just Cameron? hahaha
    just kidding could be also Zach

  • Anonymous

    i agree with yomama(: