• LetsJumpTheSun

    i dont hear auto-tune .-.
    even though she used, she still has an amazing voice.

  • carouseleiffeltower

    this sounds like a bad demo version. don’t get me wrong, she has an amazing voice, but her melody and the techno doesn’t go with it. it just doesn’t fit right. in the beginning, some parts she sounds like demi.

  • Anonymous

    holy guacamolee!! i love ariana grande, but i’ve never heard her sing and she’s effin amazzinnng!! she’s so pretty tooooo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    so bored….

  • Reverse_Psychology

    Boss ;)

  • Jessica

    This is absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe there’s hardly any comments! Ariana’s incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Her personality is very annoying, I don’t find her pretty (but not ugly at all!), and her singing voice does not appeal to my liking.

  • kaleigh

    needless to say amazing ariana did it again

  • Wonderland

    She needs absolutely no autotune. thats the beauty of real talent. if you hear her covers on youtube her voice is so powerful and amazing. this sucks, this version totally sucks.

  • ashluvesjonas

    amazing voice! =)

  • ArianaGrandeBrazil


  • Anonymous

    shes SO good. why isn’t she an established singer?

  • Mrs.WillDarcy

    I love it.

  • Anonymous

    this is so over produced and auto-tuned. too bad no ones smart enough to realize it. :/

  • Anonymous

    shes getting rly annoying. using fans to get more followers and baiting them with horrible covers.

  • Anonymous

    She could never have carried that show! You’re nuts. She’s a funny looking side kick tho…….

  • thedarksunshine

    I don’t hear any auto tune? Her cover is so good.

  • Cece


  • Anonymous

    She is wonderful. If you hear her sing live, she’s even better. But this is AMAZING.
    So it’s okay for Miley to autotone her bullshit but it’s not okay for Ariana? Yeah. Okay.
    This goes for other stars too.
    Like Selena. Yeah shes’s not the best atleast she tries and she’s pretty good now too.
    But this is about Ariana and she is wonderful.

  • madisonxx22

    Ariana grande is fabulous.
    and you losers obviously don’t know what autotune is, there is NONE on here.
    and i know because i’m a singer, and usually singers can hear and tell more technological aspects of the technique in other singers.
    ariana grande is a fantastic singer so don’t say otherwise because you’re wrong.

  • Anonymous

    & for selena, she has improved.

  • Peace’n’Love

    I like it

  • Anonymous

    Oh and for selena it depends on the song she sings. Like natuarally and a year without rain, she sings wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    It’s AMAZING! She has a gorgeous voice and I can’t wait for her next cover!! <3

  • Anonymous

    I seriously think Ariana and Liz should’ve been the stars of Victorious.
    I mean Victoria doesnt really have a special voice.
    Ariana has that unique and sweet voice.
    Liz has that strong beautiful voice.
    But them together and you have a rockin song. Like “GIVE IT UP”

  • puddingtoes


  • Morgan22

    why dose tori get more fame???????????

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jolie2

    Ariana is ok. Dijeta

  • anonymous

    I dont like it …… grrr

  • AnonBadass

    STFU losers. There’s NO autotune. She did it wonderfully, no words for her.

    AND STOP BRINGING SELENA INTO THIS! She’s fucking awsome. You guys disgust me.

  • Anonymous

    i hear work done on the voice…sorry just saying the truth ,,,

  • Anonymous

    this isnt autotune? and why do you comment so meanly? you can just say ‘she can do better’! Geez People are so mean now. LOVE YOU ARIANA AND YOU DID AMAZING

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  • Anonymous

    all you haters need to get a life. ariana is an amazing singer , and so what if its autotuned? its okay when miley or selena autotune but not okay when ariana does?
    ariana is fantastic and has a better voice than you haters will ever have. <3
    love you ariana.

  • Anonymous

    SHE IS SO AMAZING Her voice is so good and if you come watch more of her youtube videos where she sings live, you can see that she actually CAN sing and shes definitely NOT A FAKE

    …Love her & liz

  • Anonymous

    she doesnt know how to sing: Elle ne sait pas comment chanter:no sabe cantar

  • Anonymous

    it sucks

  • CupcakezLover

    This wasn’t my favorite of her covers, but it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. It still beats Selena’s music.

  • Anonymous

    wanted 900 followers for THIS? It’s all autotune

  • Anonymous

    BULLSHIT! Hating ass.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I loved it, love her voice :)

  • DdlovatoSTAN

    shes starting to annoy me now.

  • Anonymous

    Ure mad cause shes not a porn star/hoe/bitch like Demi!

  • LovatoLoveXO

    ..too much autotune for her voice like she really didnt need it

  • Iwillbeme48

    she’s one of the best singers out of the people on nick and disney. and she’s gorgeous !

  • xSweetCandyxx

    She did a pretty good job on this cover :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    theres NO autotune on this… haters go away <3

  • Anonymous

    annoying girl is annoying

  • Anonymous

    DAMN! Homegirl can sing her ass off. She is gonna be so BIG one day….

  • Anonymous

    you fucking haters need a life;
    dont say she sucks;
    when you all
    dont have a life;
    haters are bitches.

  • itsglam

    Her voice is good but this cover/version/totally autotune sucked very much. There is some people who was not born for autotune ( Ariana, Miley ) haha

  • Anonymous

    She’s so good!!!! She should seriously consider making her own album instead of doing all these covers. She’s sooooooo good! I think she’s got such a strong pretty voice! I do wish this song would be a bit more natural. Like, I wish it sounded like she didn’t go to the recording studio and record it. But yeah, it’s still good.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t judge since I hate this song!

    And am I the only one who’s not impressed when someone has a nice voice? It’s like…ok you were born with a nice voice. Good for you for being lucky. I’m more impressed when someone WRITES a song/CREATES a concept. Creating something out of nothing takes skills.