David Archuleta’s MOMENT TO SHINE

  • Zahri

    I love something ’bout love n David u r not a dork!

  • Anonymous

    You know? he and Selena G would be good together they are both sweet and admitted dorks.

  • Anonymous

    So adorable!!
    I wanna see him on TV!!!!

  • aabb

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  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta is beautiful inside and out!! Also, he is very talented! Love him!!

  • Anonymous

    Me, too, Becca2. I’ll be there for David forever. He’s just the sweetest kid on earth, and deserves nothing but the best. And anyone who hasn’t bought his CD needs to!!! It’s called “The Other Side of Down”, and it’s AWESOME!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s gorgeous, talented, AND has a beautiful soul!

  • Becca2

    I’m so relieved you didn’t quit David. The world would have not seen what more you gave to us. And I hope you still continue because I will be there for you

  • Anonymous

    sweetest person on earth.

  • Anonymous

    He’s just Amazing <3333, ilove him

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    LOVE him :)

  • MyLovato

    David <3 :)

  • AnonymousOne

    I love this kid. He’s so humble and sweet.

  • Becca.

    Aw he’s so genuinely sweet <3 I love this kid…weird, me calling him a kid, since he’s my age. But oh well. Still. <3