Justin Bieber SUPERBOWL Commercial

  • MileyEqualsAwesome

    haha he does look like girl, i dont like him but this commercial is really funny

  • Anonymous

    i had no idea that fur ball at the end was just justin bieber in a costume

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  • perfectdamnworld

    haha ok, we have to admit that this was great hahha

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand this commercial at all…

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber pffff

  • SpreadYourWingsAndFlyAway

    OH. GOD. NO.

  • Noo_Idea

    lol, I like it

  • Anonymous

    Hahahah I didn’t even realized that was Justin in costume.. cute.

  • TheOne

    LMAOO thats jokez!
    Bieber dressed like a hobo at the end, HI-LARIOUS!

  • Anonymous

    bieber even thinks he looks like a girl ..

  • aabb

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  • joejonasloveeeee1099

    HAHAHA omg amazing.

  • bluesfan3410

    I don’t like Justin but that was the best.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Justin is really selling himself out… Fucking famewhore. I wish he could just disappear forever. So sick of that fetus.

  • Anonymous

    And yes Justin, you look like a girl. True story.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    and thhey even say it looks like a girl…

  • Anonymous

    “they even said he looks like a girl” its justin bieber in a costume DUMB ASS

  • Anonymous

    I hope his movie flops. he is going against Gnomeo and juliet and an adam sandler movie.

  • QueenRoxxy

    i don’t like justin, but this was funny.
    he even admited that he looks like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    Ozzy. <3

  • Anonymous

    Run Ozzy RUUUNNNNN

  • LucyWhite

    Haha, no Beiber fan, but tht was funny how he admitted he looked like a girl :P