Dakota Fanning Princess Margaret Role


Dakota Fanning has been cast as Britain’s Princess Margaret as a teenager in upcoming film ‘Girls’ Night Out’. The film tells the story of Margaret & older sister Elizabeth, who are allowed out of Buckingham Palace for one night to celebrate the end of World War II. The actress who will play Elizabeth, the reigning Queen, will be announced shortly.

  • thunder.girl

    I think Dakota’s a great actress, but I really wish they’d start using English actresses for English roles (:

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Completely agree. Normally, I have no problems but with the part being a member of the Royal family, this is personal.
    But I’m sure Dakota will do a great job, nevertheless.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    dat ass

  • Anonymous

    agree, english actor should do english roles

  • Anonymous

    shes got a big asss

  • Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see how well Dakota can do a British accent, I hate that title, girls night out lol even if it’s a great movie, it will fail with such a lame ass name.

  • Anonymous

    This movie sounds so bad. It will be another Hollywood glorification of the monarchy. Yuck!

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