Justin Bieber Born To Be Somebody NEW

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  • Anonymous

    Gaystin Queerber movie will flop and he will fade away soon, then …..

    Having EPIC MELTDOWN and enter rehab, and all the haters will ….

    Laugh in that joyful trainwreck entertainment, that surely look much better for everyone than his sucky horrible music

  • Anonymous

    Beaver should take a note from Britney Meltdown way, he should shave his head bald, hit the paparazzi with umbrella, flashing his non existent ball to the world, then enter rehab in the epic way after poking little kids who called him gay with his purse, but unlike Britney he wouldn’t have any comeback

  • Anonymous

    He should just die in the most excruciating painful tortured way and save all of us from his horrible music

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  • JoeHoe15

    i love the song! gives me chill inside.. :)

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me,or was anyone else touched by this?

  • Anonymous

    ok cool

  • Anonymous

    i wish JB (JUSTIN BIEBER) would retire from music. I LOVE him and don’t want his stupid haters to start celebrating when he isn’t as popular (cause I admit, it will probably happen) and say stupid shit like “I told you so”. I hope he retires before that happens. He has enough money, and he’s said he is tired of the fame. He gets so much unwarranted hate he doesn’t deserve. I haven’t met him, but I know people who did and they were absolutely charmed by him.
    Anyways. Two more albums and that’s it. I pray 4 him to retire. He has also lost his voice. I was a fan of his since kidrauhl… stopped being a fan for a while cause I was like “i liked him before he was famous, now that he’s famous i dont”. even though now i’m back (i felt bad cuz of the hate he gets, imo he doesnt deserve it) i realize how worse his voice has gotten. and i miss those days when his voice was EPIC. i hope he retires after one or two more albums. i pray for that to happen, i honestly think it’s the best for him. but scooter is an idiot and obviously wants to milk the cash cow till it dies. he has all these lame plans for justin not to fade away, like not releasing an album with new songs cuz hanson did it and failed and whatnot. he is making justin look like like a greedy lazy jerk (even though he doesn’t actually decide those things, and has recorded other songs like won’t stop) for repeating the songs ALL OVER AGAIN.

  • Nadia

    This is so illegal in soooo many ways …. but good song tho (:

  • Anonymous

    ugh… girls screaming like this in the theatre is the reason why i dont want to see this movie, I really do want to see it, but seriously STFU its not a concert he cant hear you screaming for the love of jb some people actually want to listen to the movie and not bust their eardrums

  • MayelaBieber

    ANON You are so ANNOYING!

  • asIF. . .

    I really want to see it but if stupid fan girls are going to scream the entire way through it, I’m not going.
    It’s not a fucking concert, SHUT UP!!

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  • Dinoluverrr

    he was born to be an amazeing person<3
    justin bieber will always be my hero :)

  • whatthefudge

    Why the hell are they screaming! He’s not even there, it’s just on the screen. It’s a movie, you’re suppose to shutup and LISTEN to it.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it on the 9th & it felt like a concert, screaming girls (and guys) & people danced in the aisles to baby

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber Revealed To Be 51-Year-Old Pedophile In Disguise http://huff.to/a2HiWM

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  • Anonymous

    i’ll listen to this tomorrow, :’)
    #neversaynever 3d

  • Anonymous

    Wow does this person know how much trouble they can get in for this? If it was their phone it is trackable.