• xmickeyx18

    She looks so beautiful

  • SpreadYourWingsAndFlyAway

    She looks gorgeous :)

  • CyrusGomezLovato

    anybody has recent pics of demi?

  • joesgirlforver

    She is so beautiful!!!! Wish I was just like her. I want to see her in concert so much. I hope she comes to Sacramento again. I mean she was here with the Jonas Brothers on the Camp Rock tour but I wasnt able to go. :( I hope she comes back as soon as she can. Same for Jonas as well eventhough I have seen jonas brothers in concert before.

  • Anonymous


  • Dani

    Capriichoo! Brasil!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty, but she has a weird mouth. It good to see her happy.

  • AngieAddictedToDemi


  • isdemi

    She’s really PERFECT

  • Anonymous

    Her black is pretty. It looks good on her.

  • Anonymous

    shes too pretty !!!!!

  • sdygayi

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  • Demifan

    Love her!!!!! She looks beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty :)

  • Anonymousness

    MA GURL.

  • Anonymous

    cute. but she wasn’t wearing lipstick? it looks so good on her

  • Anonymous

    what is demi’s natural hair color? she’s dyed her hair so many times. i know its brown but which brown? like in sonny with a chance first season? that color looked the best on her, i dont get why she dyed it.

  • wavy

    this is old -.- i want something new about demi ugh!..anyways she looks pretty

  • JoeHoe15

    pretty/gorgeous young woman. ^^

  • Anonymous

    thats my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • evanescence

    Love <3

  • evanescence

    I’m alone here.

  • rainbow3000

    wow her hair is jet black again

  • jamonae1

    I believe this is an old pic but either was she looks stunning.

  • evanescence

    rainbow3000 said:

    wow her hair is jet black again
    this is an old pic of her but yeah her new hair is black :D

  • evanescence

    jamonae1 said:

    I believe this is an old pic but either was she looks stunning

    Yup it is.

  • rainbow3000

    i don’t like her hair jet black…prefer her natural brown one. JMO

  • evanescence

    lol i think its sweet:)

  • jazzie

    she looks goegeous as always <3