Justin Bieber $1.7 Million Westwood Condo


Extremely rich popstar Justin Bieber is close to purchasing a luxury high-rise in Westwood area of Los Angeles, CA. The 2,400 sq. ft. condo has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms for #1.7 million, reports RealEstalker.

The condo has $1,300+ per month fees that cover costs for doormen, concierge services, valet parking & guest parking, a fitness center, a ‘party’ room & indoor heated swimming pool and spa.

  • karishy

    exactly why i hate rich people :3

  • teenvogue

    Damn, that sounds more like a hotel to me :)

  • Anonymous


  • DdlovatoSTAN

    wow. good for him!

  • Anonymous


    For the hate he gets. haha.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Damn, there was more pictures of it on tmz and I’m jealous xD

  • Sunshine 21

    WOW that’s beautiful!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hahha that is so true.

  • Anonymous

    hahha that is so true.

  • Anonymous

    that’s stupid they are like 5 in his family ..

  • Anonymous

    itssss beaaautifull! but its kinda cheap for a condo so large

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Wow selena look what youre going to get

  • ilovepeacock

    and he’s 16.


    you say it like he is going to live on his own, which im sure he isn’t.

  • iSarcasticING


  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    well its clearly not just him whose going to live their. He has a family. this isn’t just for him his family too

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    <———— Wow.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why a 16 year old needs a house like that. He isn’t even old enough to live by himself.

  • deliciouspudding


  • LetsJumpTheSun

    cool. what about the house he was ”going” to buy to his mom, her ”dream house” or something? whatever. nice condo biebs.

  • Gearsarealwaysturning


  • WakaWakaEhEh
  • Anonymous

    Him and Sel r sooo gettin’ it on!

  • partyindabaham

    She’s not married to him. She’s not getting this.

    Are you the delusional selena stan?

  • Anonymous

    holy .. . . WOWW .

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    big house.

  • BetterRun

    It’s Beautiful but come on he’s only 16 and already getting things like that? What he is going to get when he grows up XD

  • xCookieMuffin

    If I had the money, I’d buy that damn condo without hesitation o_O

  • asmoothcriminal

    Didn’t he just buy that other place? Or was that only a rumor?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    Selena and Bieber’s love nest

    Gross, he’s gay and she’s BEARD that required to sell his straight image more to little girls

  • Anonymous

    Dustbin Queerber should take a note from Britney Meltdown way when he’s no longer relevant which is soon, he should shave his head bald, hit the paparazzi with umbrella, flashing his non existent ball to the world, then enter rehab in the epic way after poking little kids who called him gay with his purse, but unlike Britney he wouldn’t have any comeback


    congrats justin. lol

  • Anonymous

    Selena and Bieber’s love nest

  • xSweetCandyxx

    Nice :)

  • AnonymousEeE

    Nice view.

  • Anonymousness

    #1.7 million???!

    wow, i wish i could buy a house for 1.7 million hashtags…

  • xdolshhex


  • whatthefudge

    I wish i had that! Looks amazing.

  • ilovepeacock

    amazing. i wish i lived in a house like that.
    and 3 bedrooms?
    i can guess who will be spending the night (;

  • partyindabaham

    and he’s 16.


  • Anonymous


  • JoeHoe15

    it’s so white!!

  • Anonymous

    Why did everyone spaz when news of Miley buying a home came out? She was 18.

    Bieber’s only 16.