Disney Channel Lemonade Mouth Promo

  • Anonymous

    This is like a bad mix of The Breakfast Club and High School Musical. Seems like Disney is running out of good ideas, 5 years ago. Haha. God this looks so dumb though. Stupid title, boring plot. I will NOT be watching. This cast is so irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    John Hughes is turning over in his grave…

  • Anonymous

    its like a suckier crappier version of the breakfast club. do not try to impersonate the best movie of all time disney. just stop u already ruined mean girls

  • xMissDebby

    I love Bridgit so i will be watching it for her. Though it looks good :)

  • Anonymous

    phhh my god this looks soooooooo stupid… im sooo not watching it

  • Anonymous

    looks ten times better than that shitty Suite Life Movie!

  • Shelby

    And Disney just completely ruined my favorite book. Another inspiring one down the toilet . . .

  • joesgirlforver

    maybe I just might have to check that out. See if it is any good.

  • PixiePerfect

    seems disney is running out of good ideas XD

  • Anonymous

    i think this looks great! obviously wont be as good as the HSM series.. but better than all the other dumb ideas disney has been having latley! I will deffinitley watch!

  • Anonymous

    horrible cast…

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