Very Happy 18th Birthday Jennifer Stone!


  • rr

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!

  • Anonymous

    haappy burrdaaaaaaay

  • Niley_Bang_That_Drum

    Happy birthday. Is it me, or is she reaslly unattractive?

  • Anonymous

    SHe looks like she will have a really talented mouth

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday! :D She is so pretty :)

  • Anonymous


  • blahblah

    There is something about her that I just don’t like…

  • Anonymous

    She won’t see this so your pretty much writing to no one

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday, pretty girl! I know you probably won’t see this, but I hope you have a wonderful eighteenth birthday. I think you are so incredibly talented, and if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve turned Mean Girls 2 off within the first five minutes. Keep doing what you’re doing, and ignore the haters. Everybody’s got ‘em. Because there’s people like me who will support you until the very end. Happy birthday! :)

  • Anonymous

    shes only 18? she looks like shes 30.

  • Anonymous

    Yes…happy birthday Jen! :)

  • Mayra.

    what? i tho she was 21

  • Anonymous

    LOL that’s because you don’t READ!!

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday

  • w

    Happy birthday.

  • Lupo.

    Maybe this is the year Jennifer comes out of the closet

  • DavidArchiefan

    Happy Birthday!