Miley Cyrus, ‘I Want To Be Snooki’

1+ ‘She just eats pickles all day..’

  • Anonymous

    partys here. said:

    Lol @ people taking this seriously,smh.
    U wanna good laugh, u should check out the responses miley got from the “Little Monsters” when she joked about Gaga’s egg entrance! LOL! Seriously, has Miley not said in countless interviews that she in fact LOVES Lady Gaga? People don’t know how to take a joke anymore.

  • LucyWhite

    Nice diplomatic answer on vid#2, haha. Shame she has to justify everything she does though.

  • heyyxo

    Relaxxx it’s a fucking jokeee.

    Some of you are so weird. You go crazy over the stupidest things.

  • Anonymous

    nice talk

  • Anonymous

    She’s not that far.

  • Anonymous

    Feb 14, 2011 @ 11:32 am
    Anonymous said:
    Wait what kind of pickles….


  • Better then Revenge

    thats not much of a surprise for me

  • Anonymous

    watch real snooki face in south park episode its jersey thing

  • Anonymous

    snooki wants smoosh smoosh

  • Anonymous

    i love snooki

  • Anonymous

    she is worst like snooki…

  • partys here.

    Lol @ people taking this seriously,smh.

  • blackvelvet

    really wow! she rather be a tan orange 4″9 slut who eats pickles all day, and has sex with random guys. seriously miley, ur a disgrace… shh i think snooki is even fancier then this bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Soooo she wants to be a whoree..
    Why doesnt that surprise me?

  • Anonymous

    Miley interviews are the BEST! lol

  • joejonasloveeeee1099

    Snooki is her role model.

  • renee

    cool im a jersey shore freak to

  • Trinonymous

    Eeeeeeeeeew! Miley Eeeeeeeeew!
    and she was so proud to said that…
    I hate u now..

  • Anonymous

    Can’t see comments and they are all so interesting.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Oh she is
    she is

  • Anonymous

    no miley, you don’t want to be snooki :\

  • Natalie

    she said she wanted to be snooki because snooki is funny, herself, and eats pickles.
    she never said she wanted to be EXACTLY like her, all of you need to calm down haha seriously. it’s super funny :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Miley’s such a jokester. I don’t think anyone on this planet would want to be, (as Judge Damian Murray puts it) a “Lohan Wannabe”. Like I said, Love this girl’s since of humor.

  • Diet Coke :)

    She’s just joking around, chill out you guys.

  • Peace’n’Love

    SERIOUSLEY ????????????????

  • Anonymous

    So you want to be a 4’9 slut with a bunch of STD’s? Well good for you Miley.

  • Anonymous

    snooki? Why Miley? Why? like seriously?

  • Margotpeeters

    shes cool, i mean her interviews aren’t that boring like others…
    shes great!!

  • hey. its me

    at least she’s honest

  • Untouchable

    no comment

  • Ranii

    Enough with the bong, Miley!

  • Anonymous

    Wait what kind of pickles….

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