Avril Lavigne BRIT AWARDS 2011


Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous


  • BangBang

    Love the dress, but what’s up with her hair?

  • @StarBr_PietraJU

    Linda D++++++ Diva!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing!<3

  • LetsJumpTheSun


  • AVPM

    she is so amazing :)

    the green needs to go though

  • inhumancreation

    I love her. Her hair is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    pretty but her legs look sickly skinny :p

  • Anonymous

    I love her rainbow hair x)

  • _liesyoutold

    I’m glad that she’s back (:
    I love her hair.

  • _liesyoutold

    First baby!

  • HeckYesJonas

    love her hair

    Stunning Lavigne ;’)<3

  • Anonymous

    Her hair… no.

  • LovatoLove

    She’s so pretty, I don’t like the bottom part of the dress though. o.O

  • Margotpeeters

    she is soo cool

  • Can’tBeTammed

    she is beautiful! but i dont like the dress..

  • daninie14

    she looks great