Vanessa Hudgens NY Fashion Flawless


Vanessa Hudgens looking flawless and stunning at Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week Fall 2011, Jeremy Scott, Front Row. Nessa also attended Marchesa Fall 2011 presentation. Photos: WENN.

  • Anonymous

    I fail to see how she’s “OMG GORGEOUS”, I mean she does have nice features, but she always has on these super ugly and creepy facial expressions

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    this girl stole zac efron away from vanessa hudgens… damn bitch!

  • milenator

    I love vanessa hudgens

  • Anonymous

    she looks stunning!!!….

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  • xSweetCandyxx

    Pretty as always <3

  • Anonymous

    one word: HORRIBLE

  • mwahz13


  • peacelovefearless

    love her so muuch. she is beautiful. *jealous..*

  • Anonymous

    she wears the ugliest things i’ve ever laid my eyes on…
    my poor, poor eyes

  • JustBreathe.

    gorgeous :)

  • Anonymous

    WTF happened to her style? SMH I’m so disappointed. The black dress is the best out of the 4. Just sayin’

  • savannahbieber

    she kinda looks like snooki in this picture

  • Better then Revenge

    she kinda reminds me of cruella deville in this picture

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She is so pretty. I don’t understand why she looks sloppy in all the pictures. Come on Nessa! :o)

  • Anonymous

    Her thick thighs make me cringe :S

  • _liesyoutold

    I like the red dress.

  • Anonymous

    love vanessa. she’s so pretty. bet she was super excited to sit next to fergie. ????

  • mandlly6

    She is pretty but not all aaahh! She reminds me of the joker. Her TOP LIP goes Ear to EAR!!! bhahahaha oh dont take it so seriously!

  • Anonymous

    shes got a tattoo now !

  • Anonymous

    very interesting how he sits her butt on the crosses…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She keeps getting prettier and prettier!

  • jamonae1

    I have to agree. Not sure how I feel about all the dangling crosses.

  • saracalypse_

    She’s gorgeous, but I find that dress really odd haha.

  • limelighter

    I like the red outfit. The way the shoes are split on the black one look a little strange and the other one is ehh.
    Pretty face though :)

  • Anonymous

    WTF happened to her style? SMH I’m so disappointed. The black dress is the best out of the 4. Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    she’s hot and cute:) i love her..

  • Wonderland

    Shes so fucking pretty! I love her

  • Anonymous

    GET IT ZAC! ;)

  • AnonymousEeE

    Anonymous said:

    GET IT ZAC! ;)

    Where you been? That fairytale broke up a few months ago.

  • Mrs.WillDarcy