Rosie O’Donnell Defends MILEY CYRUS


Watch the beautiful interview HERE! ‘She’s a normal, talented girl..’


    she is write leave miley alone.
    and know i started hating justin bieber cause he is vs her hate him and ofcaurse selena gomez even i didnt like from the first selena crazy donkey bi wish she can die now.

  • Justme

    She is absolutely true…..miley just a human being..everybody gives too much pressure to her..especially during tough time like this….every little thing of her always being judged….n being punished by everybody…..that’s just insane……but no matter what she just makes me love her more….forever

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  • Anonymous

    She so right leave miley alone the girls is going thru so much and all of you should be ashame. Instead of being there for her you all keep on picking on her. tham people be supportive and be there for her. there is so much a girl an go thru so much at the sametime. leave her alone. and billy shame on you if it weren’t for hannah you will have never been so close to the family for those years.

  • Anonymous

    finally someone with a flipping BRAIN on this planet! I agree with everything that woman said. People need to layoff Miley and realize that she is just going through a though time right now which is why she’s ‘acting out’. This is one of the reasons why I love Miley. People look at her like she’s some demon just because she doesn’t act all ‘PERFECT’ and all ‘GOODY-TWO-SHOES” because she’s frm a kids show. People hate Miley because she doesn’t ‘act like her character’. Are u serious people? Do you really expect Daniel Craig to act like ‘James Bond’ when u see him just because that’s the character he played? Do you expect TObey Maguire to start shooting WEBS OUTTA HIS HANDS because he’s known to the world as “SPIDER MAN”? WOW, America has some waking up to do. People need to realize that just because u come from Disney/ Nick. Does not mean ur life is PERFECT and ur as INNOCENT as they come. Miley is not going to be the only star who will try to ditch that “Good Girl” image at an early age. There will be more like her in the future.

  • marinawashiski


  • marinawashiski

    It’s so sad to see that all those lame gossip sites could make up the mind of a lot of people, ever of her fans. I never believed that Miley has changed or that she’s a bad girl, never. Just because she’s not. I think she doesn’t act any sexier than any other 16-year-old girl and that she behaves like an angel compared to most of my friends, I do think Miley is a goodie. I mean, people just overreact a lot everything she does or says and they judge her all the time, they talk about her like if they know her personally or like if they know what she’s feeling inside but they don’t, they just GUESS things.

  • Anonymous

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  • milenator

    weird that its Rosie O_o

  • Anonymous

    i like her she was the best person on the view

  • Anonymous

    Oh, ok Rosie speaks and everyone just better bow down? She is in the spotlight, she has younger fans she is fame hungry and that is why her dad is talking to magazines because she won’t listen to him! Rosie is a smart asspig.

  • LaLaLaLand

    wasn’t she that girl that used to be on the view the first time miley was on the view… ?