Joe Jonas Praying FOR NEW ZEALAND


Were any of YOU affected by the earthquake?

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    Praying for everyone there, specially mileyisbestest. I hope she is okay :)

  • Anonymous

    why is the title “joe jonas praying for new zealand”?
    it pretty obvious justin is too…

  • JoeHoe15


  • Ellie

    I live in Auckland and have friends down in Christchurch luckily they are ok, but some people aren’t so lucky. Please pray for them

  • michaela

    i hope u ok… its so sad i have a friend that lives there luckily she ok… :(

    for the ppl that did not make it.

  • Anonymous

    death toll is at 75, that is fking huge for our little city, it’s so sad.

  • Anonymous

    why is the title “joe jonas praying for new zealand”?
    it pretty obvious justin is too…
    who cares what the title says. they’re both praying for new zealand. that’s all that matters.

  • Hibz.

    I love new zealanders :( this is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    i live in New Zealand in only 13 and i was in the city. glass was falling everywhere. i saw dead bodys but im staying in Christchurch

  • Anonymous

    Yes…. Please pray for them

    I love Joe J

  • icehoneybaby

    after 72 hours without water & power…
    finally i can connect with more people!!!
    scariest thing ever…. i was at school… :/
    let’s all stay strong.x

  • Daniel

    Hey guys, thanks heaps for the wishes. Im from auckland in NZ but it really touches the hearts of us to know how many people care about our country.
    Love you all.

  • Jonasinoursoul

    :( hope everything gets better there. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    so awesome to see people from around the world showing there support for nz i don’t actually live there but i was born there so its really sad whats happening and i didn’t know Joe been there

  • Anonymous

    I just really want to say on behalf of all of New Zealand, thankyou so much for your support and prayers. I know there’s alot more occuring in the world at this time, and to think that so many of you are taking time out of your day just to support us really means alot for our little country.
    God bless you all <3

  • Anonymous

    What about Lybia?

  • evanescence

    my prays 4 mileybestest in there :)

  • evanescence

    Anonymous said:

    What about Lybia?

    u know it? xD

  • Entertainmentlove

    ohhh mother nature is at it again :(

  • celebsrhumans2

    now hearing abt it…that’s so sad :(

  • Anonymous

    poor people :S

  • Untouchable


  • SunshineAllTheTime

    Last night i hear about the earthquake, really sad :S

  • SmashHeadonKeyboard

    It’s really nice to know that people care about us down here in little ol NZ