Zac Efron leaving his hotel in New York City today. INF.

From Kristell: My friends and I met Zac Efron at his hotel in NYC. He walked out no one really noticed him because he was wearing sunglasses & that beanie as well as texting on his phone. My friend pointed him out and when people noticed,

He was swarmed with girls and paparazzi & only had time to take a few group pictures. He looked kind of upset because he was obviously in a rush, but he seemed pretty nice about trying to get in as many pictures as possible.

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  • Jo

    any idea what hotel he’s staying at?

  • rimiley

    he is ugly

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  • Anonymous

    This Guy is a great singer i swear yall need to check him out help
    him cause hes trying to get on the Ellen Show
    he wants 10,000 views from us please help him!

  • Anonymous

    oh, he’s back to filming nye. bet it’s cold there.

  • Anonymous

    It’s bad trust me.

  • iSarcasticING

    irrelevant boy.

  • Anonymous

    BOY? The MAN if he were not an actor would be graduated from college and doing grad school already or at least a college senior!

  • Anonymous

    he looks sad,
    why so sad
    thinking about why vanessa dump you?