Billy Ray Is ‘Mending’ His Broken Family


Billy Ray Cyrus revealed to People that even though Hannah Montana destroyed his happy family: ‘It is very important to me to work on mending my family right now.’ My recent comments were explosive, and unintentionally so. My family is the most important thing I have, and we are working together to make sure..

..our future is stronger and healthier. It is all a learning process, and we thank everyone for their support and respect of our privacy as we sort through very important family issues‘. Billy has retreated to his Tennessee farm and filed for divorce last fall from Mommy Tish. God Bless Noah!

  • malulu;)

    no wonder this post only has 11 comments. NO ONE CARES! the cyruses are so full of BS. im tired of them. seriously they should all just disappear for a while.

  • Anonymous

    miley should listen to her parents especially billy he seems like the wise one.

  • Anonymous

    It is never too late to try to be a better parent. Miley does not know what she is doing. I hope her Father does.

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  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    God Bless Noah!


  • Margotpeeters

    i hope they will…

  • Anonymous

    He should stop talking.

  • Bubbly-Joe

    Kinda hard to do when you talked shit to a magazine, and made your daughter pretty much hate you…

  • Mayra.

    god bless Noah!? :O

    anyways I hope the best for them! I come from a broken family I know how hard it can be, but it gets better.

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  • Miley- Demi -David A lover

    well he made a good start agreeing to cancel the view… that wasn’t one of his greatest ideas.

  • Anonymous

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