Selena Gomez WHO SAYS Preview Clip

Credit: LauHuaXiang.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Demi. I miss Demi :(

  • Anonymous

    cant’ wait !!!

  • joejonasloveeeee1099

    Cannot wait.

  • Anonymous


  • m

    Jeremy said:
    music new ? Old Music
    New. Who says isn’t released yet which is why we haven’t heard it yet it. Common Sense

  • Katie13

    It sounded Gibberish?

  • Ashleyy.

    This song was co-written by Emanuel Kiriakou, I think. O.o But, anyways I love Emanuel <3
    Oh yeah & I cant wait to hear the song! :S

  • Jeremy

    music new ? Old Music

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait, selena rox, but u guys r so stupid, u didn’t even heard the full song yet ¬¬!

  • jilti

    Is she singing? I don’t think so

  • Anonymous


  • :)

    I’m all for self-empowerment but do we really need another song about it? We already have F**kin Perfect & Born This Way all over the damn radio. This will be overkill.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    sounds like its gonna be good :) cant wait

  • Anonymous

    the song doesn’t even sound like her.

  • dilemma

    the fuck is this ?

  • Anonymous

    Cool, but aren’t they premiering this in March but the album comes out in June? just doesn’t add up :s

  • peacelovehearts

    I’m not watching it.. learned my lesson.

  • Untouchable

    i wanna see this video

  • StarStruck33


  • Anonymous

    Well I’m excited :)

  • jilti


    Disney next “It Guy” wants meet Selena Gomez:

  • evanescence