Emma Watson New York Univ. Transfer?


Emma Watson leaving Bungalow 8 night club around 3:30 AM, surrounded by her over-protective friends, which she seemed to find quite amusing. Emma cozied up to a mystery man in the back of their cab. Earlier on in the evening, Emma was at The Groucho Club in Soho. She appeared to look exhausted, with dark circles around her make-up free face. Photo: PacificCoastNews.

Dakota Fanning has been accepted early to Gallatin New York University and is expected to enroll next fall. Emma was spotted touring Gallatin two days in a row last week, accompanied by school administration. Brown students have said that she has not been on campus anymore, she may transfer to NYU.

  • blackswan

    Anonymous said:
    it’s nice to see emma watson looking ugly for once…
    that’s just mean and immature. why is it nice to see someone looking bad? do you realize how dumb that sounds?

    and for the anon that says they wouldn’t “touch college,” that’s also dumb. these people have all the money in the world to never leave their beds again, yet they choose to be educated. I think that’s the smartest decision they could make.

    and for the last anon, just because it’s an Ivy doesn’t mean it’s the best, or it’s the best for her. NYU has its reputation for a reason, and it’s said to be even better than some of the Ivies, but it could be just due to the simple fact that she feels she could do better in New York than Rhode Island. no need to question her decisions (especially if it’s not even official yet)

  • Anonymous

    Why would she want to leave an IVY league school?

  • Anonymous

    Exhausted, not at all. More like beautiful.

  • Ashleyy.

    I love her.

  • Anonymous


  • Chelsea-Rose

    How does she look exhausted and beautiful at the same time?

  • jilti

    Pretty Emma! I wish you a wonderful career!
    I’m just waiting for the end of harry potter to leave my childhood and adolescence behind and be a full adult. I hope I can leave OU too, that’s so addictive.

  • Untouchable


  • Anonymous

    There’s no point going to college if you’re going to be out all the time promoting movies, doing interviews, going to movie premiers etc.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it’s nice to see emma watson looking ugly for once…

  • Anonymous

    i agree i love how these famous people want to go to college and have a normal life.. you can’t have both and i would do anything to hav ethere life and now they would do anything to have a normal life and thye are filthy rich and spending time doing school?? yeah if i had my money set for me for life i wouldnt even touch college.