The Vampire Diaries Know Thy Enemy Clip

  • Yriz

    There is a break because all the shows that have a break now need to catch up with filming the episodes from the rest of the season. When episode 15 from TVD aired, Ian (Damon) tweeted a picture of the script from episode 17 that they were just filming, so that why there is a break ;)

  • lauragxo

    really? april 7th?!?!!?! :(
    that just sucks.
    oh and if this show goes out because of american idol im starting a war

  • partyindabaham

    April FUCKING 27..


  • Anonymous

    well why cant they film the whole series then air it like they do in england you gotta agree it makes more sense

  • Anonymous

    seriously why do we need another break??
    we already had one before xmas and now we have another one
    whats the break for anyway?
    why cant they play it all in one go like they do in england?

  • Anonymous

    theres also a break for supernatural and i think gossip girl