Kevin & Danielle Jonas Hard Rock Meeting


Rebecca & friends met Kevin & Danielle yesterday at the Hard Rock in Florida

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone,check out my newest song Youll See!!Enjoy!!Links are below..Thanks for all the love and support I’ve been getting from my fans thus far!!

  • Anonymous

    hard core.. like 30 mins where i live
    -__- i need a car..

  • Anonymous

    hard rock* oppss lol

  • Greene :)

    Awwww they look so cute together and honestly I hope Jashley become the next Kanielle :)
    and don’t be mean with her (Ashley) or Joe for been with her, is his choice and c’om they show us that is working out for them so the only thing that we can do is support them :)

  • Grenne :)

    Yayyyyy… I’m firts :)

  • Anonymous

    love kevin and danielle! we need pictures of them more often.

  • Jade

    way better than fucking jashley, hehe

  • Jade

    Dear ‘Greene’, I don’t support jashley, Ashley or anything related to her. She sucks, and they suck together. Actually, Joe deserves her as much as she deserves him. I hope they both cheat on each other (:

  • Anonymous

    i love them! <3

    first! :)

  • jonascontrolme

    i love this couple

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