Emma Roberts Smitten W/ Chace Crawford


Emma Roberts & Chace Crawford got cozy at Elton John AIDS Foundations Academy Award party in West Hollywood on Sunday night. They stepped outside together three times to share cigarettes and chat one on one, a witness told Us Magazine. Around 9 PM they reentered Pacific Design Center holding hands.

Inside they immediately separated. When Emma chatted with Jenna Uskowtiz at the bar, she kept a constant eye on Chace, and soon she was back at his side, laughing: ‘Emma’s clearly smitten with Chace. They weren’t making out, but you could tell they had definite chemistry and were into one another.’


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so…

  • Llroxs

    Chace can do so much better!

  • DrakeDatzWassup

    Umm…seems kinda weird cuz i still picture her as that 13 yr old girl from Unfabulous and i know she’s older now but he seems too old for her but i guess age doesnt matter when you’re in love!:)

  • DisneyDrunk

    First ;)

    I love Chace Crawford

  • Anonymous

    cute couple

  • Anonymous

    he is so hot… go get him girl!

  • MissSarah

    who cares.

  • TheOne

    Oh W.E!

    they did a movie together LAST YEAR,
    and ur telling me, just NOW they got a thang going on?