Nick Jonas The Commencement Challenge

  • Jonasinoursoul

    I like him supporting this causes (:
    he looks way too cute in this video, besides I don’t like his scarf… but who cares :B

  • Anonymous


  • Maddie

    I just love this boy <3

  • CaamiJonas

    you’re so sexy! <3

  • Niley_Bang_That_Drum

    March 11 – Nick Jonas Day
    March 12 – My birthday!

  • Anonymous

    That would be kind if cool.

  • Anonymous

    No way dude! I’m only writing if NICK J delivers the Commencement whatever it is thing. I don’t give a fuck about college or career. I might be a genius, but I’m going to Hollywood!

  • mels

    My man ; )

  • Anonymous

    his voice is kinda high pitched here… he must’ve been excited?

  • Anonymous

    He talks with his mouth sideways. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    aww <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nicholas <3

  • summer rain.

    He’s beautiful