Taylor featured in VANIDAD Magazine. She told BANG Showbiz: ‘Do I have time to meet guys? Well, at the moment not particularly, I don’t have a boyfriend right now. I love what I’m doing and I’m really proud of the record and excited about the tour, which is all positive. But, you know, I’m a girl. It’s not a priority for me but I’m a chick and every girl wants a guy. There’s no one off the top..

..of my head who takes my fancy though. The thing people don’t understand is that touring or traveling or whatever you do in my position means you go to all these cool places all over the world but you see everything from a car window. You don’t get to see much of the city or meet people at all. It’s different to how I would have thought it would be. It’s not just about the parties.’

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    Ugh. Bitch, please. Do not bring GAGa to the Temple of Momsen.

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    There’s only one Lady Gaga..this is clearly a wannabe. SWAGGAJACK!

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    I’m in love.

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    absolutely love her

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    She is the hottest person ever <3

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    nice :)

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    Gorgeous! But why does her hair sometimes look super thin? Just wondering.

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    She’s pertty.
    But bitch those extensions are disgusting.

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    * faux gothic chic.