The After Party CAN’T STOP Acoustic

The After Party release their self-titled EP in Spring 2011 featuring songs ‘Don’t Wanna Be‘ and ‘Secret Lover.’ The After Party’s EP was recorded with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Cartel).

  • Anonymous

    I awesomely enjoyed it very much!! <333

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? That was not good at all. Well worth ignoring

  • Emily

    The After Party is amazing! I love this!

  • carley_marissa

    AMAZING. love you boysss<3

  • Alexa

    I saw this band about a year ago and they were nobodys! (no offense!!!!!!) so happy to see them everywhere now!!!!! the singer looks good with his hair cute shorter like that.

  • Alexi

    Oopsie! I meant his hair CUT shorter. hehehehe

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE it!

  • Mary

    All Time Low AND Cartel mushed together? YES PLEASE! :)

  • Melissa

    Legit so proud of them.
    Hit them up! you guys wont be disappointed. Buy their ep All the Wrong places on Itunes and Secret Lover as well as Dont wanna be!

  • Anonymous

    omg so cute!

  • Anonymous

    APRIL 4TH release date!

  • Anonymous

    amazing!!!!!! <3 i love you boyz

  • Marissa

    this video is AMAZING! i can’t wait to get the album!!

  • chrissy

    anyone know when this comes out? i love this

  • treesh

    Those are my boys!:)

  • Anonymous

    they are super cute.

  • Anonymous

    i have been seeing a lot of this band lately online! i hope they come to arizona soon! :-)

  • Anonymous

    sizzzzzzzzzzzzlin hot!

  • Cindy

    I love All Time Low! These guys are cute!

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff guys. Great voice.