‘Vanessa Hudgens Will Blow You Away’


Advertorial: Vanessa Hudgens became an overnight sensation thanks to the incredible success of the High School Musical franchise but the beautiful 22 year-old actress, like any star of a breakaway hit, has now been left with the challenge of continuing her legacy post-HSM. How has she done thus far?

Vanessa recently appeared in the critically acclaimed Bandslam and can be seen in the highly anticipated Zack Snyder directed Sucker Punch. However, her role as ‘Lindy Taylor’ in the new film Beastly may really be the most challenging role yet. Portrayed as an unassuming classmate that goes by rather unnoticed,

Lindy is quite possibly Kyle’s (Alex Pettyfer) only hope of breaking his ugly spell, a burden the character received after the formerly good looking student used his popularity & status to bullying and mock others. Director Daniel Barnz remarked about Hudgens contribution, ‘This is a very different kind of role from those..

..(Vanessa’s) done in the past, and the fact that she really wanted to challenge herself and grow as an actress.. for a director there’s just nothing more exciting than that.’ Co-star Alex Pettyfer added: ‘Vanessa will blow you away in this film. She’s a stunning girl and so talented. I had a terrific time working with her.’

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    guys penis maybe lol

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    She’s really beautiful

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    I think I’m gonna watch Beastly this weekend.

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    beastly looks good!

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    who cares

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    “critically acclaimed Bandslam”

    i love vanessa…but i dont remember any big critics saying that lol

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    She’s super pretty :)

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    i want her haairr!