Bringing Pettyfer’s BEASTLY Look To Life


Advertorial: When director Daniel Barnz (Phoebe in Wonderland) signed on to adapt the movie version of Alex Finn’s novel Beastly, the first major challenge for the filmmaker was to bring the imaginary ‘Beast’ to life. As a result,

It would have been conventional to make the ‘Beast’ disgusting and full of fur but the director insisted that from day one the unofficial mantra for the production be ‘No Fur’. Barnz explained that for the modern day take on Beauty and the Beast the ‘animalistic’ approach was just not appropriate.

He noted, ‘In every traditional incarnation of this myth, the beast character takes on a look that’s animalistic. We didn’t want to follow that expected path.‘ Producer Susan Cartsonis added, ‘The beast look is a combination of Kyle’s (Pettyfer) worst nightmare and what Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) feels is the most..

..appropriate punishment for the kinds of things he said about her, specifically, and says about people in general.‘ Transforming the look for the film did not come easy. Pettyfer spent over three hours per day in the make-up department, prepping for the ‘Beast’. Are you impressed with how the ‘Beast’ turned out?

  • Anonymous

    I Like this movie so much , vanessa hudgens Looks very beutifuL in this movie , keep it up vaness !

  • Anonymous

    im dying to watch but im from england.

  • Anonymous

    In a way I’m dissapointed. I read the book and it was amazing and in the book Kyle had fur and everything. I think they could’ve made him look like an actual beast without making him look extremely ugly.
    I hate the fact that Daniel Barnz took on Beastly like he wrote the book, if I’m a little upset I wonder how Alex Finn feels…