Miley Cyrus New York Meeting TODAY


Thx David! Also Miley looking AMAZING after SNL!

  • Anonymous

    Whose this kid?

  • careygold

    Miley Cryus is an awesome singer, her voice always touched my heart. I love her songs. The most favorite song of miley, According to me is The Climb. Its a fabulous song and give nice inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what hotel she stays in in NYC?

  • Anonymous

    same here!!! and by the way I keep starring at your profile pic ….chewing…chewing ….chewing….hahahahaha hilarious!!!

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  • paparazzigirl

    WOW! she looks really different. i like her without all the heavy makeup.

  • Anonymous

    cute and hot outfit….don’t like the schoes though..
    isn’t it freezing in NY ??? wish I could have her body…in shape ;)

  • Anonymous


  • omg wtf lolz

    I don’t mind what she’s wearing, but isn’t it freezing in NY for a lil bit of skin to show? damn I could see myself shivering already.

  • Anonymous

    i Love her coat.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    her nose looks kinda big without the makeup…

  • mels

    She’s totally the girl I first fell in love with again. I stood behind her and liked her through all her phases, but she seems to be herself again now and I’m so happy. I think I love her more than I ever have right now! And I honestly thought she did great on SNL

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Voice of reason


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus … the fans are gone and now she wants back to Hannah Montana.
    No, no … please, God, help me … no, no!!
    She is completely talent-free.
    Even my monkey trained hamster is a better actor!

  • Anonymous

    as they say in horses?
    Oh, yes …

  • milenator

    love her

  • milenator

    stfu Anon gtfo and dont return

  • Anonymous


  • dan

    n i love her more than i did before…..miles

  • Anonymous

    Those look like Bieber’s jeans. Maybe they’re from the skit.

  • Anonymous

    the girl behind her i know….

  • Anonymous

    He is hot.

  • marinawashiski

    She’s so cuuuute.

  • Anonymous

    miley was flawless on snl.

  • greehciaJonas

    Miles is sooooo beautiful? Love ya girl

  • Smooth


  • iSarcasticING


  • xdolshhex

    DAVID?! I saw that dude on tinychat :|

  • Anonymous


  • mileykicksass