Taylor Lautner Lily Collins @ THE KEG


From Emily: I met Taylor Lautner outside The Keg on Thurlow Street, downtown Vancouver on Saturday night! He was with his bodyguard & Lily Collins, he was super sweet!

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  • Anonymous

    Aww he tooook Selena to the keg when that were dating! But Lilly seems kinda famewhorish to me. But then again so does Selena

  • Llroxs

    YAY this is the first picture of Taylor in Vancouver

  • Anonymous

    ok, but where is his bb, Lilly? camera shy?

  • Anonymous

    i havent seen him in a long time they must really be dating cuz why would she go to canada with him?????

  • Anonymous

    You heard Lily was back with Riley? Can I ask where you heard that? Cos Sara (Taylor’s ex) leads people to believe that he’s with her and they never broke up. Don’t know what to believe…..plus Lily is not in the pic’s….

  • Tweetfreak

    I heard she was back with ex boyfriend. weird |:

  • EvaSnow

    I’m so jealous! Taylor is looking hot! <3 *meow*

    I wish I could meet him someday.

  • Anonymous

    aww how cute well i know ther dating now what other reason would she jump on a plane to go to Vancouver Canada

  • Anonymous

    love him and Lilly…

  • TalulaMe

    uggh im so mad, i could have been there >:(

  • Anonymous

    He’s so sweet ! Love the kid !