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    of the three of them (zac, vanessa and ashley) it turns out ashley is the one who is most grounded and doesn’t feel the need to do wild partying and down shots at some bar. maybe cause she’s 25 and is more mature than they are. zac and vanessa being in a committed relationship since they were 16/17 they don’t know who they really are now. and i think ashley knows who she is and is happy with herself.

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  • Anonymous

    First glance She knda looks like Demi or Vanessa.

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  • Anonymous

    I love her <3 She’s STUNNING.

  • milenator

    is she trying to look like vanessa O.O

  • LondonFoolishly

    She is so pretty. Im jealous.

  • Anonymous

    She looks sooooo much different than before!

  • teenvogue

    Mar 7, 2011 @ 02:06 pm
    milenator said:
    is she trying to look like vanessa O.O
    or maybe thats just her face??

  • jackie.r.

    is she trying to look like vanessa O.O

    how is she trying to look like her?

  • taylorllama

    she would look prettier without the lip-pout thing like miley&vanessa. just saying.