Dougie Poynter IN REHAB


McFly’s Dougie Poynter has entered rehab, bandmate Tom Fletcher confirmed. He broke up with Frankie Sandford in November. Tom Tweetd, ‘Obviously you’re all reading rumors about Dougie. Please don’t worry. We don’t know what the tabloids will say tomorrow but he is in rehab. He’s just been having a tough time lately and needed a few weeks rest so he’s fighting fit and ready to slap that bass for you on tour. X.’ Dougie nearly completed a month in the Priory:

‘I can ­reveal the star has spent the past four weeks in the Priory getting his head straight. Dougie has been one of my favourite drinking buddies over the years and is now said to be doing well after treatment and is nearly ready to come out and face the music once more.’

Dougie on the breakup: ‘When it’s a regular person it’s bad enough because you hear their name once in a while, or your mutual friends see them. But I see her bloody everywhere! In magazines, on the TV, on the radio. It’s horrible!’

  • Anonymous

    You suck, you never talk about them, but when something bad happens to any of them, you start talking. Just shut up! Talking rumors about someone is not going to help him. And you, the fans, stop talking about his ex, just support him, but don’t act like little kids. We all love him, we want him to feel better, so don’t talk about her and instead send him support messages.

  • Anonymous

    Why the heck are you hating on Frankie? Aren’t you guys old enough to not act like Bieber-fans over Selena? Get over yourselves.

  • Kristeels

    Dougie! He’ll be okay! <3
    can’t wait to hear/see him again and see his smile (:

  • Anonymous

    I hope he recovers soon.

  • thunder.girl

    Going to see McFly on the 30th, planning to make a Dougie sign :)

  • ness

    awee Dougie! Hey him and Demi have something in common. They should date! And that will help him get over that WAG Frankie!

  • iamthegalaxydefender

    We love you Dougie, Get well soon!

  • Anonymous

    Aweee dougie!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s depressed people, she broke his heart!

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  • SunshineAllTheTime

    Aww Dougie :( hope he can go out of rehab soon and really fine

  • carys

    Aww dougie

  • Jonas88

    awww Dougie :(

  • Anonymous

    Neither. It’s actually a mental health hospital. I would assume he’s just depressed, but they haven’t confirmed why he’s there.
    So we really don’t know why he’s in rehab.

  • Anne

    In rehab for what? intoxication or drugs?

  • Anonymous

    don’t you know how to read? depression…. no drugs

  • hithere

    aaaawwww dougie!!!!!!
    i miss the old mcfly! poor dougie, bad frankie.

  • CoolerThanU

    ooer :\

  • LovexJoeJonas

    For nothing the world let to smile, that smile never goes off, FORCE DOUGIE! I LOVE YOU ? #WeSupportDougie

  • oxoemmaoxo

    Fucking hate fankie and her stupid ass band. Poor dougie

  • Peace’n’Love

    whats with the picture?

  • sayhellotogoodbye