Willow Smith 21st Century Girl Music Video

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    *yawn* autotune is so overused…..

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    What’s the difference between Willow and Rihanna? =/ She doesn’t have bad songs, but this video sucked..her fashion is horrible and I hate when music videos have such a long intro that’s just BORING

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    Mix of young Ke$ha and Rihanna :P

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    umm i dont know. it’s different. but i think i preferred whip my hair.
    but people need to stop hating on her parents.
    they’re encouraging what their daughter wants not forcing her. if she wanted to be a doctor, they would’ve encouraged her to do that, but she wanted to be a singer.

  • aoise

    Start of it looks more like a horror movie than a music video, its good though, she’s soo cute (:

  • Anonymous

    i swear she’s like rihanna’s mini-me

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  • woahhhaubree

    she’s cute but I’m not a fan.Although,this song is a million times better than “whip my hair”

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  • sayhellotogoodbye

    I liked Whip My Hair.. But this is just embarrassing. I think Will and Jada should stop pimping this girls’ talent and allow her to have a normal childhood before it’s too late :/

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  • GoWillow

    Love the song! Don’t really get the video! LOVE “Whip My Hair” <3

  • asIF. . .

    Did the whole city thing remind anyone else of I Am Legend?

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    i really like that

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    i wish i was this fierce at 10 years old

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    Have to admit I kinda like the song.
    Sounds sort of Ke$ha-ish.