Featuring Shiloh Fernandez, Madeline Carroll, Max Irons, Emily Browning, Nikki Reid, Ryan Newman, Amanda Seyfried & American Idol TOP 13 @ Red Riding Hood premiere @ Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. PR Photos.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, but that hair and dress are NOT working for her…

  • Anonymous

    i don’t want to see this

  • blaah

    i doh’t know man why you asking me man

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Don’t like Amanda’s dress… it’s just too bulky and blahh

  • Ashleyy.

    Its Nikki REED, not Reid. :S

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  • Anonymous

    The guy in the black shirt is Bobby Edner. He’s from the band ‘Varsity Fanclub’ and he was in Spy Kids 3D. But he’s mainly famous from his band.

  • Anonymous

    who’s the guy in the black shirt?

  • Bubbly-Joe

    I honestly don’t want to see this movie. It’s… eh.

  • Anonymous
  • milenator

    i still dont get why they had the nerve to make a red riding hood movie…
    guess hollywood just making some ways to make more money

    cant believe this same actress was Karen in Mean Girls lol

  • milenator

    the book is amazing? wth its an old and i mean OLD children’s folk tale like hansel & gretel and jack & the beanstalk

  • taylorllama

    can’t wait! :)
    and the book is AMAZING so don’t hate.

  • Greene :)

    I love Amanda :)

  • Anonymous

    This movie looks like shit tbh

  • Anonymous

    But shouldn’t she be WEARING red at the premiere of Red Riding Hood? She doesn’t seem to be all that fun.

  • maybelove

    How scary…

  • BglitterBBy2.0

    I love Amanda’s movie but this one seems kinda crappy. I still might watch because of her :D

  • AnonymousEeE

    no idea who these people are or do i care for this movie


    <3 Amanda’s dress!! Sure it’s not red, but it’s puuurrrrttty!