Rob Pattinson Kristen Stewart Hand Hold

On a Vancouver date! Lee Pace chatted with E! Online about Robsten: ‘Kristen hasn’t lost any of that stuff that makes her special. People say it’s quirky, but I think it is authentic. She doesn’t march down these red carpets like a show.. You see these girls and they’re all just like, ‘I’m living the fantasy. I’m wearing $10,000 worth of clothes and jewelry.’ Kristen’s just not like that. Kristen is just her. The thing about him that is so charming is what you see is what you get. He is as charming, humble and handsome as he presents himself. Totally what you see is what you get with him.’


  • Anonymous

    Look for shoes, kristen is always it all-star.
    That person is this holding hands, but I can see they.

  • Anonymous

    is it pattison or patterson? or pattinson??

  • Anonymous

    pattinson, as in the title

  • Anonymous4

    Seriously???? o_O

    You can hardly make out their faces much less their hands…..

    Anyway I love them….and I cant wait for Breaking Dawn ^__^

  • Anonymous

    well i did see kristen, and i also saw that she was holding somebody’s hand, i don’t know if it’s rob but it probably is.
    i did see kristen though

  • Anonymous

    How are you honestly supposed to tell anything from this video? It’s an obscure group of people who’s faces you cannot see in the darkness, walking across the street. What was that slow-motion break down? Was it supposed to make it clearer for us? It’s black as night, you cannot see anything, let alone tell which of the people are supposed to be Rob and Kristen and whether or not they’re “holding hands.”

    Now, I have no doubts that Kristen and Rob are dating and holding hands wherever they go, old news by now- but this video was absolutely useless in trying to “display” that.


    love them . but he video is bad quality

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    this is about as reliable as a shaky/blurry ufo video…

    next time try lowering the contrast…