Selena Gomez WHO SAYS Music Video

  • Anonymous

    She never uses her band members for anything…

  • Anonymous

    is this song for Demi Lovato?

  • oinkmoo

    Selena never uses her band for anything!!! I checked threw the whole bookelet one time to see if any of the band dudes came up with the instrument music for any of her songs. NONE OF THEM DID NOTHING on either 2 cds!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha cute video.

  • Anonymous

    WHO cares

  • misskevinjonas

    she is a natully girl!! love her!!

  • taylorllama

    hannah montana will always have who said and selena you are digging yourself a deeper hole with your who says

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t really include her ban for her videos, but I don’t think that’s her say, but if you know nothing then sush becuase I’m pretty sure her band ALWAYS there with her on tours, and when she’s preforming somewhere.!

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  • Trainups

    Didn’t even look at the video but my opinion is that her song WHO SAYS is bland and not exciting. Basically it sucks.

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  • cam

    it was really great with all the words and the different images put in one i loved who she runned awway from the photograf and when she washes her make up. The fan part seems great too but to short and the quality is to bad to really appreciate it. ok i’m done loved it loved the song.?

  • Anonymous

    Why do you keep saying she doesn’t use her band for nothing?? I mean I get what you’re saying I wish her band was featured more ‘In her videos or you could atleast hear theres voice The videos or even take part In the writing process but it’s not she doesn’t include them, if you notice she has made videos with them, the Scene was with her at the People choice awards, and they are always there to preform with her when she’s been on Ellen, George Lopez ect, and when she tours they take part as much as she does!

  • Love Juslena

    Boo Hoo cry a river build a bridge and get over it Selena is NOT a copycat because she did it WAY better go cry some more while Selena is a saint and Miley is getting done for having Bong and fighting with papparatzzis

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  • sexonfire

    sorry guys but the idea is already taken before and there is movie about a star who run away bla bla bla with fans
    i think it looks like year without rain the runing , the walking the hair thing and the face
    anyways i like the song nice jope selena

  • Anonymous

    Bad quality but from what I see I like it :) it’s simple but really sweet, I love when she’s taking off her make up, she’s not afraid to show who she is <3

  • ADarkLandIsSomewhereIBelong

    Omg, it’s The Scene! :O

  • blabla

    dislike the song somehow, but the video is at least different from her other music videos :)

  • Anonymous

    the song is a bad rip off of who says by hannah montana it has been done selena.
    Miley did it better and more upbeat.


  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Selena didn’t want Justin to perform One Less Lonely Girl anymore because it causes fights and Justin put a stop to it? I don’t see any news articles regarding that. This sounds like another Twitter bullshit rumor.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED IT. It’s a beautiful song.

  • Anonymous

    guys, guys. give me an original video and i’ll give you the cure for pancreatic cancer. Everything has been done. We’re at the point now where nothing can be original. All you can expect is that something is good, which all professionally-released music videos are from what I’ve seen.

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  • kari

    cool xd

  • Michellehorstink

    First and i even didn’t look at the video to bad quitly !

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez sucks pig nosed bitch she doesnt deserve JB. damm his tastes are disappointing.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Love it

  • Anonymous

    selenz gomez sucks donkey balls

  • jbmcdlsgluvr

    You can see the full official music video on my YouTube channel: (:

  • Lizzy

    I love Selena Gomez
    I love Who Says(song)
    I love the music video of Who Says


    Because Selena Gomez is such an inspiring person
    She’s really beautiful in this music video
    Her makeup, I don’t even think she has some MAKEUP On!!!!
    She I’d natural
    I love her so much:)
    I don’t even care about all the haters
    I love you so much Selena
    Don’t listen to the haters
    Follow you dreams:)

  • nobodycares

    she took off everything: that makeup, the dress, the shoes. why she doesn’t took off the extensions?

  • joejonasloveeeee1099

    Don’t wanna watch this bad quality gonna wait for a better one :)

  • Miley is the biggest bitch in the world

    First I went to my pc computer, YouTube said it could not load the movie
    When I went on mi iPad it works, love you iPad
    I love selena Gomez
    Love this music video everything is PERFECT
    Much love

  • Anonymous

    I super AGREE with you
    I love this so much:)

  • Love Juslena

    I love her so much she did it WAY better then Hannah Whats her name Montanna and she looks beautiful i really hope she does more of this

  • david b conway

    dear web site , hi my name is david conway , and my comments to this issue is that it is a copy cat just because it was done by john mayor,s album title , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    this video is for people who can’t spell ‘beautiful’ correctly.
    thank you, sel! you helped a lot of people! :D

  • PeaceLoveHarmony
  • Noo_Idea

    where is the scene?


    I luv it!

  • Anonymous

    She sucks

  • PeaceLoveGomez

    yeah im pretty sure it will b amazing but im def gonna wait til theres an hq version cuz i hate watching stuff with bq

  • m

    horrible horrible quality. I’m going to wait to see it this friday. Why would anyone see it in this crappy quality?

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  • Jonasinoursoul

    can`t watch it u.u

  • sayhellotogoodbye

    Only watched 10 secs of it and it looks like her other videos.. The same old stuff.. Where’s the originality?

  • AnonymousEeE
  • Lupo.

    It’s refreshing to see Snooki in videos not getting the shit knocked out of her.

  • Xx_LoveMiley_xX

    Can’t see it! >.< It has been removed! >.<

  • Anonymous

    this video is so different than her other videos. :) I like it.
    And it’s not necessary she should include her band in everything, i mean they’re there to play the instruments and they are doing their job. And how will they appear in the video? It’s about a girl, and how she’s not afraid to be her true self, dont see where the guys would fit in the vid.
    Anyway funny how this song is about the haters,
    so yeah

    I really like this song~!

  • Simo


  • Anonymous

    rip of miley cyrus who says by hannah montana. copy cat .

  • Anonymous

    ugh i cant see anything….