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  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha her voice isnt improving, you can tell she didn’t actually sing the singing parts. she talked the beginning and end in a sing-song voice, but the chorus was lip synched. there is a total difference in the volume and its just really obvious and not well done.. if you cant sing live you shouldnt sing.

  • Anonymous

    sorry to Miranda fan but this is awful

  • Anonymous

    oh DAMM i was a fan of miranda and expected her to do well or at least OKAY. but mannnn this was soooo terrible! at first i felt bad for her but it was so bad it made me laugh out loud! HAHA she wasnt even singing the chorus..and it was like she was rapping or talking on all the other parts. this was sad. like a bad version of kids bop. no this is way worse than kids bop. sory miranda stick to acting please. this was hard to watch

  • KBsuckers

    she can’t sing..what’s she trying to prove or do? -_-

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    One of the worst songs I have EVER heard!

    I loved how she surrounded herself with talent. Thoes little kids were amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm not a good singer ….

  • BangBang

    Well uhm, the dancers were good…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is EPIC.

  • Anonymous

    ehmm not a good song.and not a good singer
    woow fail

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is inproving
    andddd dannng did u c those kid dancers???

  • andrew21

    Last night I was just surfing for some romantic movies and suddenly found this video on youtube too and I would just say. She is damn hot.

  • Anonymous


  • phoenixgirl02

    Nooooot liking it, Miranda.

  • Anonymous


  • Disco.Is.Dead

    I watched this on tv,
    Pretty awful…
    NGL, Only got good when Greyson got onstage

  • Anonymous


  • Anony


  • Anonymous

    Ive got to say, she wasn’t HALF bad here as her other performances usually are. Has anyone ever seen her other performances? SO BAD :| This is her singing WELL!

  • Anonymous

    This song is so bad.. and her voice is really annoying :/

  • suckit

    she’s terrible at singing

  • TheLoveletterz

    I love this song
    ‘cept that greyson kid ruined it for me :|

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